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St. Florian's Brewery is a 100% family-owned, independent craft brewery.  





Our Windsor Fire Captain & our hero (of our family & brewery) is dedicated to artfully crafting St. Florian's brews...  

As COO, Aron orchestrates our brewing process, ensuring operations flow smoothly.  Aron brews all of St. Florian's beer, ensuring consistency & quality in each batch.  To date, entering three beer competitions, Aron has been awarded 4 medals.  Aron continues to serve our local community as a full-time firefighter.

Photo Credit: Tenaya Fleckenstein                                                                     Photo Credit: Julie Hughes


Once a Silicon-Valley sales and marketing manager, once a stay-at-home she's putting out brewery fires (figuratively-speaking, of course)!  Amy had an itch to share her husband’s delectable brews with the masses, while simultaneously contributing philanthropically...  so, she furrowed her brow over a business plan & got this brewery started.

As CEO, Amy juggles all aspects of running the brewery with the exception of production (although she oft jumps in to lend a hand).  Sonoma County proud, Amy has been very involved in the community, including: the Board of Directors of the Sonoma County Harvest Fair, WE (Windsor Educational) Foundation Board of Directors, & a variety of committee roles for the Sonoma County Economic Development Board (EDB).

 Photo Credit: Julie Hughes Photography

 Photo Credit: Julie Hughes Photography

“Living in Wine Country, many people we know are self-professed wine connoisseurs,” said Amy Levin, CEO/Owner of St. Florian’s Brewery. After hearing many a-person surprise themselves as they put their empty glass on the counter & proclaim, ‘I’m really not a beer person, but please pour me another glass of your beer!’ (or something along those lines), it became obvious that we had something special brewing.”


St. Florian's Brewery donates a minimum of 5% of our profits to fire-related & community-based organizations.  100% owned by Amy & Aron, with A LOT of sweat equity invested, we have been able to maintain St. Florian's as an independently owned craft brewery.  We parent two children who love St. Florian’s Brewery as much as we do.  Our boys cannot wait to take over the family business someday.  They do all that they can to contribute to St. Florian's success today & to our community's success as we step toward tomorrow.  We proudly teach them the ropes of the brewing process & the importance of strong business ethics at their young age.  They often beg to come work with us & we allow them to do many tasks around the brewery (with closely guided oversight, of course!).  Our family's collective pride & drive to help St. Florian's succeed put smiles on our faces.  During a large fundraising effort following a local catastrophic fire, the Valley Fire, a few years ago, our boys put their heads together & decided to collect cans and bottles (which they succeeded in doing by truckloads).  They cashed them in & made considerable donation to a philanthropic organization.  They continue their project to this day, demonstrating that we ALL can do something to make a difference in our world.  Together we are St. Florian’s Brewery.  Let's drink to the hero in all of us! 


in the beginning...

 Photo Credit: Gabe Meline/North Bay Bohemian   

 Photo Credit: Gabe Meline/North Bay Bohemian


In the beginning, bottling one 30 barrel tank averaged one-week's labor, utilizing equipment which included the machine to Aron's left in the picture above (which we used for our 12oz bottles), as well as other bottling lines which are not shown (used for our 22oz bottles).  The labeler to Amy's right is still in use.


    Photo Credit: Julie Hughes Photography

  Photo Credit: Julie Hughes Photography

In January 2015, as part of a series of upgrades & expansions to St. Florian's Brewery, we acquired a GAI 3031.  We now bottle one 30 barrel tank in about half a day & can empty our 60 barrel tank in a little over a day's effort.  Rather than spend all of our efforts bottling, we spend our time brewing more beer!


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