5% Minimum of Brewery Profits Benefit Fire-Related & Community-Based Organizations

Windsor, CA, January 17, 2013 -- The owners of St. Florian’s Brewery proudly announce the launch of official production & distribution at their new brewery. The facility is located at 7704A Bell Road in Windsor, 7 miles north of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County. St. Florian’s Brewery flagship beer will be IPA, shortly followed by Brown Ale & California Common. Additional styles will be released thereafter. Beer is expected to start shipping the first week of February & initially, will be self-distributed within Sonoma County by the Owners.

St. Florian’s Brewery will be overseen by Amy Levin, CEO/Owner. Mrs. Levin will be in charge of sales, marketing, PR, shipping, distribution & accounting. Amy has over ten years of well-rounded, award-winning experience in Silicon Valley software sales under her belt. She attributes her success to providing the highest level of customer care & is eager to move into an arena for which she has a personal passion. Amy Levin will be the liaison for all things “St. Florian’s Brewery.” Aron Levin, Chief Operating Officer (COO)/Owner of St. Florian’s Brewery, will be the Brewmaster & also oversee the production & packaging processes. Aron has been involved with brewing for over twenty years. He gained skills in his role as a firefighter which exponentially enhanced his brewing aptitude.

“Living in Wine Country, many people we know are self-professed wine connoisseurs,” said Amy Levin, CEO/Owner of St. Florian’s. After hearing many a-person surprise themselves as they put their empty glass on the counter & proclaim, ‘I’m really not a beer person, but please pour me another glass of your beer!’ (or something along those lines), it became obvious that we had something special brewing.”

Thus, Amy diligently began work on a business plan. That same week, her Fire Captain husband, who is also now her business partner filling the role of St. Florian’s COO/Brewmaster, suffered minor burns while on the job at an unfortunate fire scene. Everything sparked, like fate, in Amy’s mind, creatively-speaking & the concept for St. Florian’s Brewery was born. In the face of danger, firefighters turn to St. Florian for protection. The Levin family gives a thumbs-up of gratitude to St. Florian for safeguarding their hero from worse consequences. Being that others aren’t always as lucky, the Levins are donating a minimum of 5% of their profits to fire-related and community-based organizations, in order to benefit the common good.

St. Florian’s Brewery will brew on a 15-barrel system & finish the process in 30-barrel tanks. 12-ounce bottles will be filled & capped on a line from Meheen Manufacturing. 22-ounce bottles will also be readily available. All glass bottles are eco-friendly to comply with St. Florian’s ecological efforts. Beer will also be distributed via 1/6-barrel & 1/2-barrel stainless-steel kegs.

St. Florian’s Brewery will make concerted efforts toward an eco-friendly approach, utilizing environmentally conscious & sustainable practices wherever feasible. Being the first production brewery in the Town, St. Florian’s Brewery worked closely with Windsor Public Works to set standards as applicable to water & sewage. As mentioned, they will use eco-glass. All possible goods will be recycled by St. Florian’s & consumers will be encouraged to do so, as well. Another prominent place St. Florian’s Brewery will positively impact their carbon footprint is by recycling grain. In order to ensure grain does not go into Windsor’s sewage system, St. Florian’s Brewery gathers all spent grain & relocates it to a local ranch, approximately 3/4 mile away. The ranch belongs to Vic Pozzi & is located on Shiloh Road. Many in Pozzi’s herd are rescue animals who will feed upon the abundantly nutritious grain.

St. Florian’s Brewery offers tours, as well as retail sales of beer and merchandise. At the present time, they are open to the public by appointment-only. Business hours will be posted on social media sites, when they become available.

Let’s drink to St. Florian and the hero in all of us!


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